Everybody Needs

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Everybody Needs

What is it that you most long for deep inside? What are the unmet needs of your life that drive you to find satisfaction in possessions or pleasure, achievements or addictions, in endlessly seeking something—anything—to fill that void? We so easily believe that just the right amount of money, the right relationship, or the right kind of thrill or pleasure, will leave us satisfied. But, will they? In this 4-part series called, “Everybody Needs,” we explore some of the deepest inner needs that cry out most urgently to be satisfied—the longing for love, purpose, hope, and inner healing—and learn that these cannot be met by chasing after material things and pleasure, but only by God. Come and discover the one and only way any of us can ever find true fulfillment.

April 9, 2017

Everybody Needs Love

Speaker: David Kim Series: Everybody Needs

April 2, 2017

Everyone Needs Hope

Speaker: Blake Cowen Series: Everybody Needs

March 26, 2017

Everybody Needs Purpose

Speaker: Michael Lee Series: Everybody Needs Passage: Ecclesiastes 12:13