When and where does ckids meet?

We have one service that meets at 9:30am. When you arrive, please check in and head over to the ckids room. Ckids room is located on the first floor.

What to expect for Elementary:

Our vision for our cKids ministry is to be a gospel-centered ministry that is fun and faith-building. We seek to raise up our kids to have genuine relationships with Jesus that would lead to life transformation and missional living. Our services occur in small group and large groups settings. Small groups are broken down by grade and allow a more intimate experience for our kids. A weekly service typically looks like this:


Service begins with a loud, loving welcome so that our kids know they belong at church!


A body worship team leads us in contemporary songs that are Biblical and relevant!

God Sightings     

Our kids have a chance to share in their small groups about all that God is doing in their lives. If they’d like, they can also volunteer to share with the entire group!


Our messages are engaging and teach us to understand and apply God’s Word!

Small Group    

We discuss questions that are drawn from the message and help us remember and apply all that we heard in the message!


Games, crafts, videos, and other activities help us better remember the message and allow for a fun time in service!


Our kids hear ministry announcements so that they know what’s going on in the ministry. Don’t worry! We also send these out to parents via email!

Closing Prayer     

A prayer closes off our service and sends our kids off to their weeks blessed and inspired to live out their faith!

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